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Carefree and fast, a fresh container every month? A tidy neighborhood and that's how we work together towards a cleaner Netherlands!


Thanks to our unique filter system, the water can be (re)used in an environmentally friendly way, completely free of chemicals.

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Do you have any questions, comments or complaints? Let us know! Our dedicated Cleanpros are happy to assist you from Monday to Friday.

Fixed cleaning days

All cleanings can also be easily checked via the "Wash week" page. This way we keep it clear and simple for you.

What our clients are saying

More than 400 reviews on Google with an average score: 4/5

“We are very satisfied with the cleaning of our containers.

No water wastage, no environmental damage. Everything neat and on time.”

Fred Terwijn

“The organic waste bin is now properly cleaned once every four weeks!”

Dick Stomp

“Excellent container cleaning. Friendly and polite service desk. So Great!”

Demis Schrekker

“Excellent container cleaning. Clear schedule on the website. If there is a change in the schedule, they will contact you for a new appointment. Customer service extremely friendly!!”

Stijn v.d. Linde

Frequently asked questions

How often do you clean?

This depends on the plan you have chosen. We come by to clean the container 12 times a year. If it concerns a double container, we will visit 24 times a year.

Where do you service?

Cleanprofs has national coverage through our seven logistics service points. Do you want more information? Call our customer service on 088 066 61 89, or do the zip code check on our website.
of doe de postcode check op onze website

How many waste containers can I have cleaned?

You can have as many containers cleaned as you want. You can contact our customer service so that they can make you a combi offer via the contact form on this page.

When should I put my waste container out?

Simply put your waste container outside according to your garbage collection services' schedule. We wash your container the day after the garbage collection service has emptied it. Because we operate a different route than your garbage collection service, we request that you leave your container outside until 7:00 PM.


plans start from €5,70 per month!