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Cleanprofs BV General Terms and Conditions These general terms and conditions apply to all services of Cleanprofs BV.

1 . Regulations for private customers.

In these general terms and conditions, the following is defined:

1.1. Cleanprofs/we: the private company with limited liability Cleanprofs BV, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 57693536.

1.2. Customer/Client/You: the person who has indicated by entering into an agreement that, wishes to use the services of Cleanprofs.

1.3. Subscription/Plan: the agreement whereby Cleanprofs has assumed the obligation to periodically clean one or more (waste) containers and you have accepted the obligation to pay a certain amount of money for this periodically or annually.

1.4. Subscription fee: the periodic fee you must pay to Cleanprofs for the services that Cleanprofs offers you.

1.5. Reinigingsbeurt: de door Cleanprofs geplande reiniging van een container op een specifieke dag.

2. Customer regulations 2.1 After you have subscribed with Cleanprofs, you will receive stickers within a few days that you must attach to your container(s) according to the instructions provided. If the stickers are not properly (visibly) attached, we cannot recognize your container(s) and you risk missing a cleaning. In that case, your right to the relevant cleaning will lapse. If your stickers are damaged or you have a new container, you can request new stickers on the Cleanprofs website following this link www.cleanprofs.nl/stickers.

Change of address

2.2 If you have moved, you must report this to us so that we can continue to serve you. This can be done in writing but also via the CleanProfs website (www.cleanprofs.nl/adreswijziging). You will always receive a written confirmation of your change of address. Re-scheduling your new address can take 1 month. As a result, CleanProfs may not be able to offer cleaning services to you during period. Therefore, it is important that you inform us of your new address and the date on which you will move before you actually move.

2.3 However, we may not be able to offer cleaning services in your new residential area. In that case, you may be eligible for a refund of the remaining subscription fee not due, in accordance with Article 4.2.

2.4 The cleaning of the containers does not take place at a fixed time. Cleanprofs cleans daily until 19:00. Until then, you need to leave your container on the street side. It is your own responsibility to place your container visibly and accessible so that we can take care of the cleaning.

2.5 Please note that we can only clean empty containers but we do not empty the container. If your container is not empty, we cannot clean it unfortunately. We also cannot clean contaminated containers. Under environmental legislation, you are not allowed to throw fat or cooking oil, as well as animal excrement, loosely into your container. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to clean these types of contaminated containers either.

2.6 If there is force measures due to freezing weather or a weather alarm issued by the KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute), we will not be allowed to carry out cleaning work. In case of force measures, a refund will be made as soon as possible for the cleaning work not carried out, but no later than at the end of the subscription. Instead of a refund, we can also choose to compensate you by offering an additional cleaning at a later time.

3 Payments

3.1 By entering into an agreement with Cleanprofs, you authorize and thus give permission to Cleanprofs for the automatic deduction of the subscription fee by means of a direct debit of the bank account number that you have provided to Cleanprofs. If your bank account number changes, you must notify Cleanprofs within 5 working days. If you do not and therefore we cannot collect the subscription fee on time. We may charge you an administration fee. These amount to €17.50 per failed direct debit. This also applies in case the direct debit fails because of insufficient funds in your account.

3.2 The agreed payment terms on which the direct debits take place are instalments. In the event of a late payment, you will be in default by operation of law. However, Cleanprofs will still give you the opportunity to meet your payment obligation within two weeks. After this period, Cleanprofs is entitled to charge statutory interest and reasonably incurred extrajudicial costs, including the legal costs actually incurred by Cleanprofs. For each reminder and/or reminder that we should send to you, we will charge you an additional amount of €17.50 as an administration fee.

3.3 If, despite being given the opportunity to do so, you fail and are not paid Cleanprofs is entitled to take legal measures and Cleanprofs can cancel this subscription.

3.4 Cleanprofs is entitled to adjust its rates annually. If there is a rate increase, you have the right to cancel your subscription from the date on which the price change takes effect.

4 Termination of the agreement and the grace period.

4.1 Calculated from the date on which you entered into the agreement with Cleanprofs, you have the right to terminate the subscription within fourteen days, without giving any reason. A condition for using this non-legal, but contractual, grace period is that Cleanprofs did not use direct debit in the intervening period to deduct the subscription fee from your bank account. If this is the case, your right to cancel the subscription during the grace period expires.

4.2 A subscription that has not been validly cancelled during the grace period is for the duration of one year. After this year, the subscription will automatically be continued for an indefinite period, whereby the subscription can always be cancelled by both parties with due observance of a 30 days notice.

4.3 A cancellation must be made by letter or email. The date on which the cancellation letter was received by Cleanprofs counts as the date of cancellation. The cancellation letter must be sent to the following address: "Cleanprofs BV, Westlandseweg 12, 2291 PG Wateringen.

4.4 If after the cancellation it appears that you have not paid for the services provided to you by Cleanprofs, then your payment obligation remains and therefore does not expire due to the cancellation of the subscription.

5 Liability

5.1 Of course we offer our services with the utmost care and we do everything we can to ensure that neither you nor others suffer any damage. But if this is the case despite our care, we are not liable for any damage that you may incur as a result of the execution and/or delivery of our services. You hereby exempt Cleanprofs from any form of compensation for any damages.

5.2 Insofar as Cleanprofs would be held liable by the court for any form of damage despite the provision referred to in the previous article, Cleanprofs' liability is limited to the invoice value of the applicable subscription period with a maximum period of the amount equal to the subscription fee for the duration of one year.

6 Complaints procedure

6.1 If you are not satisfied or think you have a claim against Cleanprofs, you can submit a complaint so that we can improve our services. You must submit the complaint to us in writing or by email to our complaints department.

6.2 Your complaint will be investigated and dealt with within 14 days. If it turns out that you have rightly lodged a complaint, we can offer you some form of compensation, but we are not obliged to do so. We can also suffice to declare your complaint well-founded.

6.3 It is a requirement that you first give us the opportunity to investigate your complaint internally and resolve it with you before you initiate legal measures against Cleanprofs. If you take legal action immediately without having complained to Cleanprofs in advance, you agree that your legal claim or request must be declared inadmissible by the court. You are liable for any legal costs incurred.

7 Final provision

7.1 Insofar as any provision of these general terms and conditions is declared null and void by the court and/or not binding or otherwise out of application, then we have agreed that all other provisions will continue to apply and determine the legal relationship between Cleanprofs and you. 7.2 Your legal relationship and the subscription are governed by Dutch law. 7.3 Any disputes must be submitted to the district court in Rotterdam under Article 96Rv, whereby the parties explicitly reserve the right to appeal. Insofar as Cleanprofs is vindicated, you must reimburse all legal costs actually incurred by Cleanprofs, including the time that may have spent on the procedure itself.