Cookie Policy

Cleanprofs uses cookies on its websites. In this cookie statement you can read more about the cookies and how Cleanprofs uses cookies on its website(s).

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone by an internet page. Some of these cookies are necessary for the site to work; others help us improve the website or provide you with a better user experience.

Types of cookie

The cookies that Cleanprofs places do not contain any personal data and cannot be linked to you. We use the information collected by Cleanprofs (or third parties) by means of cookies for the following applications:

For functional purposes: to facilitate navigation on the Cleanprofs website.
For analytical purposes: to analyze the use of the Cleanprofs website. This allows us to see which pages are visited the most and where error messages arise.
To measure media use: we keep track of how many and which advertisements have been shown to you (to prevent you from seeing the same advertisement over and over) and to check whether you have clicked on an advertisement.
For testing page (parts): this allows us to adapt our website to the wishes and user experiences of our visitors.

Cookie overview and setting cookie level

Here you will find a list of cookies that are used on the Cleanprofs websites. You can also change permissions yourself.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

Buttons are included on various pages on the Cleanprofs website with which information from Cleanprofs can be shared via the social networks of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The buttons with which the information can be shared are realized by code provided by Google, Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter itself. If you share the information with the press of a button, a cookie will be placed by the specific company. Cleanprofs has no influence on this.

Read the privacy statements of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find out what data is collected and how that data is used.

Removal of cookies

More information about switching on and off and removing cookies can be found in the Help function of your browser.

Updated February 11th 2021