Organic waste bin sanitation with Cleanprofs

Get to know the largest container cleaner in the Netherlands. Specially for organic waste containers.

Organic waste bin sanitation with Cleanprofs

The majority of our waste comes from vegetable, fruit and garden waste, or organic waste (GFT). Biogas and compost are made from organic waste, among other things. That is why it is important to separate your waste. The biggest drawback is the bacteria and the odor that remains due to food residues. Cleanprofs to the rescue!

We clean your container with a biodegradable agent and clean water, which is immediately processed by our vehicles.
We make sure you have an environmentally safe and clean smelling container.

We are the leading container cleaning company and reliable specialist in the cleaning of waste bins. We service residents and companies who love a fresh living environment. With all our CleanPro's we are working towards a cleaner Netherlands!

About our innovative method

Before Cleanprofs, waste container cleaning consisted of little more than a cleaner driving around with a high-pressure sprayer and water with chemicals through the neighborhood. 

Cleanprofs started in 2014 on the belief that waste container hygiene had to be more efficient, better and safer for the environment. The unique Cleanprofs cleaning formula and technology has been developed with this objective in mind. The latest innovation was added in 2017: our own water sources now supply natural fresh spring water for cleaning. That way no tap water is wasted.


The Cleanprofs formula makes chemical agents useless, by quickly achieving a high cleaning quality. Fully automated, our Cleanprofs vehicles determine which cleaning formula is needed, based on the condition of each waste container, to save water.

We reuse the water for approximately 150 cleanings. Each cleaning vehicle is equipped with an innovative filter system that filters the waste water on site. The use of cold (spring) water under high pressure makes it easy to separate fat and oils.