Preventing Maggots in your waste bin.

Do you suffer from maggots in your waste bin? What can you do about this?

Maggots in green containers

It is best to keep garbage bins airtight to keep in bad odors. The decomposition process, creates a unique climate in your garbage bin. For example, condensation forming under de lid and temperatures in the container rise. These conditions are ideal breading grounds for flies and yes, they always know how to find their way in!

The fruit fly larvae are already present in your organic waste bin in the kitchen after a sweltering day!

In most municipalities containers are emptied only once a week (in other municipalities even less often). This increases the chance of maggots, allowing flies to go through several life cycles before containers are emptied.

Wheelie bin

How maggots form

Maggots, also called larvae, are the first stage in a fly's life. Maggots come from fly eggs. Flies prefer to lay their eggs in moist, warm environments. After the larvae hatch, they can grow very fast thanks to the amount of food they can find in your waste bin. As a result, your bin can quickly swarm with relatively large larvae, that eat to their hearts content. After this, they change into a pupa and with warm weather they can morph into flies in as fast as 3 days, and so the cycle begins again.

How to prevent a maggot plague

Ideally, you would want to make sure that pests never develop, but with the warm summer weather and humid climate, that is sometimes difficult. However, it is not impossible! Below are some tips on how to prevent a maggot infestation.

  • Make sure your container lid is slightly open.
  • Place a layer of straw or old newspapers at the bottom of the empty container.
  • Sprinkle salt over everything you throw it.
  • Make sure your container is in a shadowed area, and out of direct sunlight. 
  • Clean your container regularly.

How do you fight a maggot infestation?

  • Sprinkle salt over the maggots.
  • Put a sprig of ivy in the waste bin
  • Place a sprig of lavender in the waste bin
  • Throw sand on top of the maggots
  • Sanitize your waste bin

Prevent maggots,by keeping your waste bin clean

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