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Cleanprofs My wash week

Via Cleanprofs My Wash Week you can check when we will come to clean your waste containers.

Our cleaning schedule is tailored to the garbage collection service of your municipality. Enter your zip code and house number and find out when we will swing by.

Het kan zijn dat uw wasweken nog niet bekend zijn voor 2022 of dat deze afwijken.

Do you still have questions? contact our customer service met ons op.

Cleanprofs cleaning days 

The Cleanprofs My Wash Week schedule is based on the following. In most cases we will come by on the days when your garbage has been collected. For that reason, the cleaning days may differ per municipality. For more information about when exactly garbage will be collected, you can visit the website of your municipality. For the exact cleaning days from Cleanprofs, within your municipality, you can fill in the above form. (Cleanprofs My Wash Week) (Cleanprofs Mijn Wasweken)

Cleanprofs service area

Thanks to our well-distributed locations throughout the country, we can come and clean almost anywhere in the Netherlands. Are you not yet a customer and do you want to register? Then click on the button below and take advantage of our latest deals! Is er iets nog steeds niet duidelijk? Dan kan je op iedere werkdag altijd even bellen via 088 066 61 89, dan helpen we je daar graag mee verder.

What our clients are saying

More than 400 reviews on Google with an average score: 4/5

“We are very satisfied with the cleaning of our containers.

No water wastage, no environmental damage. Everything neat and on time.”

Fred Terwijn

“The organic waste bin is now properly cleaned once every four weeks!”

Dick Stomp

“Excellent container cleaning. Friendly and polite service desk. So Great!”

Demis Schrekker

“Excellent container cleaning. Clear schedule on the website. If there is a change in the schedule, they will contact you for a new appointment. Customer service extremely friendly!!”

Stijn v.d. Linde