Een afvalbak die blinkt en niet stinkt?

Experience the convenience of a clean waste bin!

Zorgeloos en snel, elke maand een frisse rolcontainer?
Speciaal voor Were Di nu de eerste 3 maanden GRATIS
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Our clients have given us an average rating of 9,6

Cleanprofs waste bin cleaning

We are the leading container cleaning company and reliable specialist in the cleaning of waste bins. We service residents and companies who love a fresh living environment. With all our CleanPro's we are working towards a cleaner Netherlands!

We clean your container with a biodegradable agent and clean water, which is immediately processed by our vehicles.
We make sure you have an environmentally safe and clean smelling container.

En nu ook nog eens tijdelijk de eerste 3 maanden GRATIS.

In 3 stappen schone rolcontainers

1. Choose your containers

Rest, Gft, Plastic of Duo? Alle combinaties zijn mogelijk.
2. Register

Register via the registration form and fill in your details.
3. We're on our way

Wij komen periodiek langs en zorgen ervoor dat jouw afvalcontainers voortaan altijd schoon en fris zijn.

What our clients are saying

“A neatly cleaned waste bin every time, without fail. Keep it up!"


“Always perfectly clean and friendly people. Compliment!"


“Great company, I always get a notification if they don't find the bin outside.”


“Our bin is always clean and smells good. They even move our bin from in-front of the door if I've already put it back. Super simple!!”