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As soon as you become one of our customer, you will be able view an overview via My Wash Week. (My Wash Week).

Simply put your waste container outside according to your garbage collection services' schedule. We wash your container the day after the garbage collection service has emptied it.

Because we operate a different route than your garbage collection service, we request that you leave your container outside until 7:00 PM.

If you have moved, have a new phone number or other changes, please let us know via this form.

Unfortunately that is not possible. Our cleaners work with a pre-planned route that they cannot deviate from.

For safety, we are not allowed to carry out our work during frost. It causes (spil) water to freeze, and slippery pavements and ice spots can form on the road surface, making it difficult. The Dutch government does not allow cleaning during freezing temperatures.
We only clean the inside of the lid, rim and inside of the container. This is where the filth and bacteria are located.
You must cancel the agreement in the manner in which you registered. If you have agreed to the agreement in writing, you must cancel it in writing (by e-mail or letter).

If you registered by telephone or via our website, you can cancel the agreement in exactly the same way.

A credit on your account means that (after a certain situation) you have one free wash available. This wash is free and will be deducted from your next invoice.

This can be due to several reasons. It can be because of:

  • You have not placed your waste container on the street side/usual spot.
  • Your waste container has not been emptied, so we cannot clean it.
  • Due to freezing, or other weather conditions we are not allowed to drive/clean.

But of course, there can be many reasons for a missed cleaning session.

Our customer service is happy to help you find a solution to your questions. Contact us via the contact form, and we will process your question or comments as soon as possible.


You can have as many containers cleaned as you want. You can contact our customer service so that they can make you a combi offer via the contact form on this page.

That depends on the plan you chose.
We pass 12 times per year per container.
Do you have a double container? Then we will pass 24 times a year.

The sticker must be placed to the lid of the waste container.

We use direct debit and by invoice. The payment method depends on the way in which you entered into the subscription. Unfortunately, cash payment is not an option.

You will receive confirmation of your subscription by post approximately 14 days after your registration. After this confirmation, we start cleaning your waste container(s). Depending on your municipality's waste collection's calendar, it can take two to three weeks for the first cleaning to take place.

You pay the first time within 3 to 4 weeks after your registration. This is done by automatic/direct debit.

You will receive the sticker(s) by post approximately 14 days after your registration, together with the confirmation of your subscription.

Cleanprofs has national coverage through our seven logistics service points. Would you like to know if we are also able to clean at your address? You can do this via our Postalcode Checker

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