Cleanprofs stickers instructions

Did you receive your package with Cleanprofs stickers at home? Stick the supplied sticker on your roll container. So that our cleaners can find your waste bin and clean the right containers.

Cleanprofs stickers instructions

The area where the stickers and band will come to be should be cleaned with the provided alcohol wipe. Dry the surfaces completely afterwards with a cloth or tissue. Now stick the band (note, permanent stick) and the stickers in the place indicated below. And done!

1. The yellow band is for the handle

2. Fasten the strap to the handle

3. Fasten the bottom to the top

4. Stick the small sticker on the top

5. Stick the large sticker on the front

6. From now on you will always have a clean container!

Didn't receive your stickers? Or need a new one?